What kinds of drinks do you like being offered?

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Location! Are you happy with where we've got our meetup located? Please rank the following areas in where you'd like to see the meetup (or a different WordPress meetup) held

Please rank N/E/S/W Suburbs higher if you'd like to see a meetup in those areas. We love our current hosts Ephox, but we're curious to know if you'd prefer to be hosted elsewhere, or if you'd like a more local meetup.

  • Anywhere! I'll come no matter where It's hosted.
  • West End (Ephox, where we currently have it)
  • Western Suburbs
  • CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • South Bank (State Library, where we used to have it)
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs

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Do you have any thoughts you'd like to offer on the future of the meetup?

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What kinds of food do you like being offered?

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Please rank the following topics for what you'd like to see presented at the meetup:

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  • Learning how to develop Plugins for WordPress
  • Learning about how to blog better (helping you write)
  • Learning how to use WordPress
  • Learning about new things in the Web Community
  • Learning about case studies of other WordPress sites
  • Learning how to develop Themes for WordPress

How do you feel about Alcohol being consumed at our meetup?